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Realife Guild meeting

Realife guild meeting: https://youtu.be/cZTGg_grahY

Trailers and GMV's

Beta Teaser Speech (Wake up to reality): https://youtu.be/_ln5DdnIX3c
Trailer 1 (Sword Art Online Soundtrack): https://youtu.be/Tab0M2v2_DA
Wolfszeit recruitment trailer: https://youtu.be/Dllh7vPKBDA
Death Jester recruitment trailer: https://youtu.be/DYX0DU-NOuQ
Stress test Trailer (cut & footage from me): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emM89blKBvk

DrChaoz Food Commercials

Chaoz Superfood Commercial Promotion: https://youtu.be/d7c5uVBd0Bk

Basic Knowledge

Basics of Skills and Weight and More: https://youtu.be/J85cmA6Yygs
Beginner Guide Basics & Haven: https://youtu.be/YvF4FqsvzZg
Info Material Overview for new Players: https://youtu.be/g_j64uawGy8
Basic gathering guide: https://youtu.be/PuXhs0ZdlNg
Increase Stats Guide: https://youtu.be/gLBzm72X6yU
Gaining and losing Weight: https://youtu.be/jXco2qvEAgI
Size impact on Weapon Reach and Hits: https://youtu.be/fhUlb0GXpa8
Stats and Skill Overskill Explained: https://youtu.be/aiTL1gCNUy4
Gold Farming for Beginners: https://youtu.be/PbmrtsD4HOU
Speed Compare Characters: https://youtu.be/UTzxi2GKfcc
Action Skills How to Train: https://youtu.be/7IOM8Hliq6w
70 Crafting Skill is enough: https://youtu.be/1lr9sPlY9Sk
Task and Quest NPC: https://youtu.be/hLCBjfEu5-g
What can you do after leaving Haven: https://youtu.be/N0JPo1l4oVA
Render Distance and View Distance: https://youtu.be/MbXPK8HAWSY
Weapon Durability and damage reduction: https://youtu.be/L_mEgzGsavc
Fastest running methods Foot: https://youtu.be/lfWelpQe6ZU
Forum Marketplace: https://youtu.be/m6_YVSHWBzU
Potion usage and Thirst Guide: https://youtu.be/gMsBayNyKc8
Age Change Potions usage Guide: https://youtu.be/a6jJtT0-6Nw
Trinkets Tutorial how to use them: https://youtu.be/pfPsssIJiEQ
Level skills Efficient and Faster (less material waste): https://youtu.be/5jO_nTa-iXE
Map Website Tutorial: https://youtu.be/q2s8wdM95ao
PVP Communication Larger Fights: https://youtu.be/1hmpy0kh2Zg
Reputation Matters Clade Max Possible: https://youtu.be/nXNRGjWTizw


Adrenaline System Anti-Zerg Mechanic: https://youtu.be/gWNlJwwKrBc
Stream Snipers CEO statement: https://youtu.be/4BzEdIC-ois
INT and Book Reading speed Explained: https://youtu.be/7DyvZpM8p5s
Blood Kua Fishing Tutorial: https://youtu.be/HgKIFWMQixU
Arena System and how it will work: https://youtu.be/JNmbmkp7k2U
Second Character Diva System explained: https://youtu.be/ei83A6Mm3vI
Sieging Details Explained from CEO: https://youtu.be/uJeJz8CumZw
Growth Food increase Character Height: https://youtu.be/73hNTAule84
Neverending Balance Discussion: https://youtu.be/Fx-KAQY3unQ
Do Zoology Lore Increase Damage?: https://youtu.be/FkMF7Nxe2e8
Player Loot Despawn Timer: https://youtu.be/MKXoOpB1Cqo
Inventory and Euipment Fall Damage: https://youtu.be/mLjrC0JLgsM
Fall Damage Compare: https://youtu.be/ikYMab8omK8
CEO explains Nodelines and Streaming Lines: https://youtu.be/sGN6GJqLo_M
Beastmastery explained from CEO upcoming mechanic: https://youtu.be/P0ha4ex3hic
Defensive Stance: https://youtu.be/k0ZS43w6xfo
Aggressive Stance: https://youtu.be/qT5hKszFjJY
FPS Bottleneck Henrik explains: https://youtu.be/GVEX4Uccppc
Bounty System Henrik explains: https://youtu.be/sAjslohw7s4
Cheaters and Hackers Henrik explains: https://youtu.be/I9xvlWa3_ao
Passive Regeneration: https://youtu.be/F1g5EHEBFTs
Henrik Vision and long term Mechanics: https://youtu.be/VsNeVvA5k0Y
Low Population CEO Statement: https://youtu.be/ASqX9wqCZuM
Heavy Armor Training: https://youtu.be/Y6nlFa94bu0
All Armors Part 1 from MO1 that will be in MO2: https://youtu.be/OvxhEUkHaRo
All Armors Part 2 from MO1 that will be in MO2: https://youtu.be/kim31x3om1c
Heatmap Player Position Stats and tracking of actions: https://youtu.be/DjQYpQKgvDs
Subscription will start when: https://youtu.be/FC7R5dUtsj0
Bought Assets CEO Explains: https://youtu.be/CLpJZB51Zww
Siege Machines and Territory Control: https://youtu.be/XszbYahDXuc
Small Animals and Insects: https://youtu.be/SExwllWKstE
Content Density: https://youtu.be/YiGeMiKiNeY
Gore & Dismemberment System: https://youtu.be/2nY6RMoJ7Fo
Invasion & Invading System: https://youtu.be/arIuSH5bhlY
Unreal Engine 5 Progress: https://youtu.be/VnGtwEo9HxI
4 Seasons in Mortal Unreal Engine 5: https://youtu.be/OQxpjhKn2iY
Public Test server Statement: https://youtu.be/uo8ws6hQeqU
Supply Lines and TC Infos: https://youtu.be/Bq10LDOFxLs
Dont Insult Reminder: https://youtube.com/shorts/-QosZ0N2wg8
Subscription Model CEO Explains: https://youtu.be/EHqDjmb6HSw
Bans CEO Statement: https://youtu.be/v1QUFv2DMSY
Ships and Wagons: https://youtu.be/kTjD3U13nG0
Fluent Content CEO Statement: https://youtu.be/h904UGcCgNM
Tasks are no Quests its different but the same: https://youtu.be/7PF21aJmrqQ
Dual Wielding Statement: https://youtu.be/3lbe0gbWXNw
Asset Development from the Community: https://youtu.be/1f1nnz57eKU
Security Zones and New Player Experience: https://youtu.be/V_xr0WZ9nYQ
Alchemy unit changes: https://youtu.be/r1PodI_s5sY
Mental healing and Mana Regeneration: https://youtu.be/IAyVrp2vDMY
Professional Testers: https://youtu.be/fqHAfh5xp4I
Casual or Niche: https://youtu.be/6bdukgNXiL8
Why Paid GM's are vital: https://youtu.be/1c-5W7oSSU8
Statistics and Stats Page Suggestion: https://youtu.be/BVh6m-PYnf0
Murder System Changes New player Experience: https://youtu.be/EfD2GUC-Nn4
VR Support: https://youtu.be/t80l8wpgnQ0
Hairstyles and Barber Profession: https://youtu.be/yPZlC_k3uOM
Prominence Points and Surplus PP: https://youtu.be/ZWVGSmYVc4A
Why Balancing is not so easy: https://youtu.be/hE26VMIukGw
Roadmap Voting will be possible: https://youtu.be/pD2fWQWPxno
Quality of Life why it takes so long: https://youtu.be/fN7e2V1YYeI
Break Even Point: https://youtu.be/M01go5SQzQc
Seasonal Server Wipes: https://youtu.be/GsPgiKNzZ4M

Housing & Buildings

Stronghold Building Tutorial Guide: https://youtu.be/1GJ8cyOkkOo
Stronghold Construction: https://youtu.be/IXCiET0MV4s

Book Locations

Ranger Armor Book Librarian: https://youtu.be/_b9F7MOP6cU
Zoologist Librarian: https://youtu.be/4P9Zsu1NwYA
Hermit Librarian: https://youtu.be/wnJuwEyE5LI
Hermit easier way Patch: https://youtu.be/81fwzJX8cVs
Metal Master Librarian Location: https://youtu.be/5qokI22oDZA
(OUTDATED) Metal Master Librarian: https://youtu.be/weeUIu80bEs


Thusar Builds General Info: https://youtu.be/2d01nZAIsLs
Human Builds: https://youtu.be/mnE-h41iJGE
Oghmir Builds: https://youtu.be/mo8LVyyJT1k
Alvarin Builds: https://youtu.be/g8Y_OlNhaco
Thusar Builds: https://youtu.be/V9_Q54jat4Q

Special Builds

Full Veela Fighter (Speedfighter): https://youtu.be/T0EAFTnDyZo
Necromancer Paladin: https://youtu.be/VcWv7bO2x14
Dex Fighter: https://youtu.be/8ZV5oQUQVwI
Foot Fighter / Warrior: https://youtu.be/rgii2pghl-c
Mounted Archer Build: https://youtu.be/R1nGGKFBV5I
Mage Builds: https://youtu.be/b4O1jTijw98
Hybrid Fighter/Magic: https://youtu.be/oI1Yye4AJnk
Tank Build: https://youtu.be/HztxixHSg80
Fat Mage Mounted: https://youtu.be/YoU9ZOmllm8
Dagger Fighter: https://youtu.be/6xoB72s-jL8
Thursar Fatmage (Meme Build): https://youtu.be/0kmwyDMDos4
Beastmaster Mage: https://youtu.be/xKQ4r-GORSw
Cleric 70% Mage 30% Warrior: https://youtu.be/mfAZhNoTfPE

Skills and Professions Guides

Fishing Tutorial: https://youtu.be/DFmnKDlz4ys
Landing Technique: https://youtu.be/Jl5oPJ_fNOQ
How to Fish a Turtle: https://youtu.be/dtpHBIeYJ_8
Butchery Tutorial: https://youtu.be/KYbmJVfxbT8
Taming & Domestication Guide: https://youtu.be/pAnqt_SbKgM
How to level up Taming fast: https://youtu.be/sg9M7qXgudg
More Professions in one char: https://youtu.be/4fENWFBHhtk
Basic Alchemy Guide / Multipliers: https://youtu.be/JMTDpR2C2N0
Extraction Skills: https://youtu.be/mImHHAnc1zo

Combat Guides

Mounted Combat Basics: https://youtu.be/RF05bh29Iog
Basic Combat Guide: https://youtu.be/3bNviYGcNoA
Advanced Combat Tutorial 1: https://youtu.be/wl8N1KiFHKY
Advanced Combat Tutorial 2: https://youtu.be/aNEXrkVE5j4
Basic Magic Tutorial: https://youtu.be/IO6XUiLZAUI
Combat Controls: https://youtu.be/cv5wBqlCHFc
Training and Practise in Groups: https://youtu.be/WCLxCGgqP8U
Spiritism Tutorial: https://youtu.be/DEbPxG3NWDY


Weapon Crafting Basics: https://youtu.be/OBP6BZ3Db2U
Armor Crafting Basics: https://youtu.be/Sll4MBcFxZw
Bow Crafting: https://youtu.be/_0UHXAxpuNE
Cooking Guide: https://youtu.be/H4nNq_HaH2E


Advanced Sword Blade and Hilt Crafting: https://youtu.be/Unse6IMZ9dU
Attribute and Quality Experiment: https://youtu.be/WN7xIUZLP3U


Steel VS Tungsteel: https://youtu.be/p1U3CZRMHSA
Armor Crafting | Bone Tissue vs Emaji, Molarium, Ironbone, Steel: https://youtu.be/sX0ZMktSKJQ

Extraction Guides

Granum Extraction Tutorial: https://youtu.be/e1v-2soN8lk
Calx: https://youtu.be/YYaV7WHFn9c
Gabore: https://youtu.be/Dc86JDa8nhM
Saburra: https://youtu.be/1xP0JH0esVE
Tephra: https://youtu.be/3QDFfrHijUw
Granum(older vid sry for quality): https://youtu.be/Znd70ys79M8


Tungsteel Production: https://youtu.be/kR3H09yJ3EE
Steel Production: https://youtu.be/6bfORPKBOZs
Cuprum Extraction Methods: https://youtu.be/J5pQXdR1SpQ

Extraction Charts

All Charts: To all Charts

Hunting and PVE

Jungle Campe Hunting Spots: https://youtu.be/lSrXk9-i544

Shore Prowler Hunting: https://youtu.be/mJA0sc4SKRY
Campodon Hunting Tutorial: https://youtu.be/ERTSPeHJpvw
Risar Dungeon Farming: https://youtu.be/GrlgdBpiXEE
Hunting Tutorial: https://youtu.be/IFgb68mi7Xo
Troll Hunting Guide: https://youtu.be/nJ17Uj66jhU
Troll Hunting Bugged: https://youtu.be/SNSKq19hTPE
Large Bandit Camp: https://youtu.be/RQ7tVr-XLIM
Risar Camp Raid: https://youtu.be/l5hzgRrI63Q
Grave Keeper: https://youtu.be/MOVtuRmZHqM
Alchemist Bowman: https://youtu.be/OheUlNEr31c

Dungeon Tours

North Risar Dungeon Tour 2 flatjoke edition: https://youtu.be/L8_SaQH3gjY
North Risar Dungeon Tour: https://youtu.be/edN6Ls8btfw
Clothos Queen for Bloodsilk: https://youtu.be/xeBW1dcFJLc
Tindrem Sewers Illusionist: https://youtu.be/syRS34bwk3c
Tindrem Sewers Bandit Leader: https://youtu.be/MvhFkCroE2A
Mino Dungeon: https://youtu.be/A6exIrzpgbQ
Sator Dungeon: https://youtu.be/z8ZQcdlAG28
Sator Dungeon Boss (Failed): https://youtu.be/9DjmP8uVCmw
Risar Dungeon: https://youtu.be/ANofajPQIxE
Mino Dungeon without monsters: https://youtu.be/crQeacVbm9Y
Fabernum Tower: https://youtu.be/jWVyY0TwhII
Fabernum Tower No NPC's: https://youtu.be/_yhxzCnig_o
Sheevra Cave: https://youtu.be/yXRT7KI48gA
Celaeno Cave Part 1: https://youtu.be/RiNZEUxTlUs
Celaeno Cave Part 2: https://youtu.be/DoWNsYH1NsQ

City Tours

Toxai: https://youtu.be/MSzg4G0wF3U
Tindrem: https://youtu.be/Yt_qFcwHn8E
Kranesh: https://youtu.be/BOjEBT7NatY
Vadda: https://youtu.be/pWee7cSgpn4
Cave Camp: https://youtu.be/RCiCDKLjXSw
Moh Ki: https://youtu.be/cu9QKbFiQmU
Bakti: https://youtu.be/wEhACOKQCKQ
Gaul Kor: https://youtu.be/8PjKB2sjAEE
Fabernum: https://youtu.be/OXrauEFDLHE
Meduli: https://youtu.be/KSJ-PF0PBhg
Tindrem Garden: https://youtu.be/BApGZKV3odM
Morin Khur Part 1: https://youtu.be/7p3lsjVZQCg
Morin Khur Part 2: https://youtu.be/bm_GbZ4L2_8
Hyllspeia Village: https://youtu.be/UDZZgqWnW7E


Gabore Cave (Cave Camp): https://youtu.be/9ItnmJWADFA
Black Gate and Lava Falls: https://youtu.be/K5KnZF-1s98

Paths and Ways

White Bear Cave Location: https://youtu.be/BeWevz1pqvM
Tindrem Sewer Outside Exit: https://youtu.be/SS3JSYmsKc8
From Fabernum to Mino Dungeon: https://youtu.be/_PMNzXiF7dA
Cities: Meduli to Tindrem: https://youtu.be/6T7C43Zooq4
Fabernum to Kranesh: https://youtu.be/16mZ62TGSKQ
Meduli to Vadda: https://youtu.be/aiQ6TPIt5u8
Morin Khur to Toxai: https://youtu.be/NVXnWNgzLAo
Bakti to Celaeno Cave and Back: https://youtu.be/pNUy-_TJrwo
Gaul Khor to Risar Dungeon: https://youtu.be/mvkQ34X9FLI
Morin Khur to Risar Dungeon: https://youtu.be/Ep88EFj6Q04

Fun Stuff

Roleplay Hawkz and Ana unrequited Love: https://youtu.be/YslgneRv10E
Failed Herding Tutorial: https://youtu.be/PsMmDsCzdaM
Bavarian Pork Tutorial Mortal Offline (Schweinsbraten): https://youtu.be/y0aJIZoWGyQ
Roleplay Clee and Henrik Fishing Meet: https://youtu.be/_mcoVwcf_vc
Roleplay Clee and Henrik House building: https://youtu.be/0I1z4xj25lk
The Truth behind the Sausage Lake: https://youtu.be/fPoy6DMzJp4
CEO explain the origin of the Sausake Lake: https://youtu.be/PxEl3Tf_Xp8
Book struggle learning Offline: https://youtu.be/BSpNdnT0Q98
Stress Test Fun World Record: https://youtu.be/AXkZtrGdpiI
Ambrosial Pig Grilling: https://youtu.be/bw49jlwKxQM
Tindrem Zoo Visit: https://youtu.be/knnD7EdCpyw
Annoying Henrik the CEO: https://youtu.be/u_cHN6YyTD8
Q&A Ask me Everything please (Running in Thunderstorm): https://youtu.be/iWkQfa9OQwY
How to get PVP Campion title: https://youtu.be/0clbXERNSsQ
Mortal Offline 1 Cooking Compare: https://youtu.be/qdlVDcEIpJU
Mortal Offline 2 Gathering Wood: https://youtu.be/j1hO7Glu4ZQ
Breaking into half House: https://youtube.com/shorts/bAIpxwklscM
Hailstorm Suggestion: https://youtu.be/0BF_JFvhkU4
Release Delays History: https://youtu.be/8Fkk6mRVG-U
The Salt of Mortal: https://youtu.be/fkSlmtxwwYc
First Poker Night: https://youtu.be/2li-G5jQNFE
Second Poker Night: https://youtu.be/5x3bpIfb-Rg
Third Poker Night: https://youtu.be/Ke_zKsKyVFY
Haven Tutorial Test: https://youtu.be/UeTy788nAgA
Pig Riding PVP Roaming Tour from Morin Khur to Fabernum: https://youtu.be/FopgGqtxH2w

PVP Combat Fights

Server VS Koto Epic Siege: https://youtu.be/Azo5VBgzBIg
ACT vs Nameless Siege: https://youtu.be/K1Rg-JeNmrk
ATC vs Coalition Oldguard Siege part 1: https://youtu.be/_kbmLDbVkQg
PVP Group Fight Practise: https://youtu.be/4rPj82JO2D0
First Siege in History with Hammers: https://youtu.be/yWsymP_XDVU
Huge Fight in Tindrem / Tournament Crash: https://youtu.be/slAgD1Q9fE0
3 vs 3: https://youtu.be/XNauM_u69e4
Big PVP fight test: https://youtu.be/v7ihcaKF7Tc
Cage Fight: https://youtu.be/_nxo7fjpbNg
Duels in the Woods https://youtu.be/NLu0plo77CI
Massive Bridge Fight with CEO: https://youtu.be/jdfu0aQnqb0
Traveling and Bridge Fight 2 with CEO https://youtu.be/h9ccvVECPUo
Tindrem Sewers PVP https://youtu.be/ZoxVmpk-nXw
Otto's PVP Compilation https://youtu.be/UcxfwQMbvIY
Otto's PVP Compilation 2https://youtu.be/JLPdiW52EB0
Siege a House with Pickaxeshttps://youtu.be/5QSMfPPbnwc
PVP Practise is Importanthttps://youtu.be/X_M7UeQ11IA


After Release

Turtle Dome and Parkour Challenge: https://youtu.be/xzTEGBpvZYI

Tournament for New players and Unexperienced PVP players Part 1:https://youtu.be/wwdn4CrQ1R8
Tournament for New players and Unexperienced PVP players Part 2:https://youtu.be/pjahk-XXA-8

Talus PVP Tournament Part 1: https://youtu.be/vlvvdtPo3dM
Talus PVP Tournament Part 2: https://youtu.be/ESplX2YlkN0

Festival of Nave Part 2 Horse Race Group Fights and Sailboats: https://youtu.be/KP9OpJvzkQU
Festival of Nave Part 1 Shield Bash Fashion show and laggy duells: https://youtu.be/sHfkI0Tyo-M

Beta Events

Ragnarök Festival Part 1 Shield Bash and Tamer Fights: https://youtu.be/o6PnaBJPRGc
Ragnarök Festival Part 2 One VS One and Group Fights: https://youtu.be/IHzKsjPwfak
Ragnarök Festival Part 3 Veela Race and Massive Battle: https://youtu.be/XY_g49S6C60

Festival of Nave 2 group fights: https://youtu.be/Iakcs2VfCzo
Festival of Nave: https://youtu.be/eSIWZ3lDHYw

Tindrem Fight Behind the Trailer Scenes: https://youtu.be/dZSfOry8rjw
Node and Lag Stress Test: https://youtu.be/iiYAAriLSho

Open Air Festival: https://youtu.be/pYvpzBE5rkM
Open Air Festival 2 PVP fights: https://youtu.be/0DBgg8dZF2M

Bakti Bowl Trailer: https://youtu.be/SA0moQQDE0k
Bakti Bowl #1 Tournament: https://youtu.be/C3FoVXtA72g
Bakti Bowl #2 Tournament: https://youtu.be/rhDGfqMLyGQ

First Nave Festival Part 1: https://youtu.be/BeinCeP7yqM
First Nave Festival Part 2: https://youtu.be/SOax3xlS8NA

Fire Festival PVP: https://youtu.be/Y7uT5kbkN08
Flame Festival PVP/FUN: https://youtu.be/QOBgmzX1_hM
Third Flame Festival: https://youtu.be/_4V5Vn_PtK8
Red Wedding Tournament PVP/FUN: https://youtu.be/MALObxtCJDg
Kranesh Group Fights: https://youtu.be/LSYKzksCilI

Q&A Round 1: https://youtu.be/QBlfUCE9Whc
Q&A Round 2: https://youtu.be/1HaEzFaV1Hs
Q&A Round 3: https://youtu.be/aiPEHtc4gPo

Stream Summary

Sailor Armor Outfit: https://youtu.be/S66Psr-6WGE
Bear Armor and Tower Shields: https://youtu.be/lf8nWLpT94g
Supply Towers and Siege Tents Explained: https://youtu.be/vGvNv8lAKSo
Heavy Pet Armors Campodon, Shore Prowler and Lykiator: https://youtu.be/D9DSzGJCQdI
Weather Control and Mountable Pigs & More: https://youtu.be/WPTxX_kOtg4
All about Territory Control: https://youtu.be/0c5dA-t4Bro
Mortal Exodus Announcement: https://youtu.be/SwAZZ4JRNlw
Territory Control Village and Kingdom Buildings: https://youtu.be/rzwT-nXHNbE
Dragons and UE5 Details: https://youtu.be/s0zAwzJeX8U
Molva Armor Stream Summary: https://youtu.be/8nrIEelCSso
FBI Open Up Stream Summary: https://youtu.be/e5wXe--OxJg
Networking and Elementalism spells: https://youtu.be/zUX1Pn7Tak4
Big Patch Summary: https://youtu.be/W4E9noZe_bw
Elementalism AOE Spells: https://youtu.be/yYsYpGKwf_A
Chicka Boom Patch Light Spell and FPS: https://youtu.be/kIJFRD3hnIQ
Elementalism Spells showcase sneak peak: https://youtu.be/_ZEwej7V5yk
Ballista Animation & more: https://youtu.be/TSBH5fTWxf8
More Pet Bags Turtle Campodon: https://youtu.be/CuURJwZNMTM
Underwater Continent & TC: https://youtu.be/C2DR9RUdfp0
TC & Random Stuff: https://youtu.be/_5vobwCCrKM
Random Q&A and Lan: https://youtu.be/HBTAOZOP3gw
Krampus and Beast Patch and upcoming stuff: https://youtu.be/9h73LECs2HM
Beast Balance Changes and Beast Mastery: https://youtu.be/zxaumnOR768
Scorpion Ballista Siege Weapon: https://youtu.be/aqJjm8Ilswo
2 VS 2 Tindrem Arena Event: https://youtu.be/AfGa_xtQQOc
Ban Wave and Never Wipe Explained: https://youtu.be/k96Ns_tuZnM
Molva the new Mount and Beast Mastery: https://youtu.be/IOFBdCGaE7g
Weather System and UE4 to UE5 Summary: https://youtu.be/jo6hG4F2lEE
Reaching Millions of players marketing Summary: https://youtu.be/MQc-LxMJvaw
New Roadmap and Mechanics: https://youtu.be/DvncK_Q4Sfg
Node Tests Stream Summary: https://youtu.be/S9wUGrX4D08
Sick Henrik and Render Distance: https://youtu.be/OcPU1Nd0NDw
Data Collect and Lead dev Sebastian Introduction: https://youtu.be/jxvp78RVXmg
Announcement New Stress Test and Roadmap soon: https://youtu.be/_bp2E0jg6e4
Arena Event PVP with Mino King in the end: https://youtu.be/S7Y5uoIitSU
Fishing Event: https://youtu.be/UkWu-OlukAQ
Balance of Clades and Lynx: https://youtu.be/HQswg-07WEE
Necromancy Dungeon Adventure: https://youtu.be/MECgIDu2jVM
Unreal Engine 5 sneak peak and upcoming changes: https://youtu.be/8LE5jjpyJvc
New Locations and Spider Attack: https://youtu.be/fOREpuoaDaY
Lynx and Ships and Unreal Engine 5: https://youtu.be/iyWQ3QgOJQ4
Fist Weapon Stream Summary: https://youtu.be/yIxqvbbqsTA
Necromancy Dungeon Stream Summary: https://youtu.be/JPl5ago5tMc
Goals and Necro Stream Summary: https://youtu.be/npq6FS32-_c
Night Snatcher and Tower Shield Balance: https://youtu.be/P3vNT96sf0A
Fixing and Polishing and Upcoming stuff: https://youtu.be/lQlY6nnRAo0
Raising Undead Pets Necromancy Rituals: https://youtu.be/DNd0PDXqnJI
Necromancy Rituals UI and More: https://youtu.be/-xScO1fa264
Gaur and Water Lizards and the UwU: https://youtu.be/xOCUXl4ciRI
Necromancy Spells shown: https://youtu.be/qmQ7VmHPYkg
Rituals and Necromancy and Roadmap changes: https://youtu.be/SCkPz-47AQQ
Trinkets and Charging Rings and Amulets: https://youtu.be/gg1erjrNA4Y
Supply Lines and Tupilak in Color: https://youtu.be/mJTwaaE1LHk
Points of Interest and Player Tears: https://youtu.be/nJ-b--0Td8k
Tupilak and Cerials: https://youtu.be/tE9jVlsVAls
Tower Shields and Placeable Campfires: https://youtu.be/xXGPWJ6misE
Necromancy and Water Lizards: https://youtu.be/Tt852AxSxTI
Gaur and Roadmap and Campfires: https://youtu.be/ogAWdh2FXXM
Boring Patch and Tribe Rat Boss: https://youtu.be/eXpkcNlTVwo
Steintrolls and Henrik is turning 40: https://youtu.be/DnL_bM21P6Q
Sieging and Finalized Belbus and More: https://youtu.be/7swkLVzzakw
Voting on the next upcoming Content: https://youtu.be/YOJVLxQzN4k
Minotaur Armor and Spaghetti Meat Sauce: https://youtu.be/m60GFOVhb1s
Steintrolls and Continent Infos: https://youtu.be/fq2wBapQbxg
Belbus and whats next: https://youtu.be/SCl_tVwYvCk
Launch Problems and Release: https://youtu.be/ZL33C5FGQxA
Server Queue and Release: https://youtu.be/ndI31lB6Xdw
Face Customization System shown from CEO: https://youtu.be/vDxjqcpOKmI
Release Infos and House Visits from the CEO: https://youtu.be/oBpjaXmoStY
Furniture and Workbenches: https://youtu.be/np0ECGrXTQg
Horse Race and Cave System: https://youtu.be/Jfil5j67Bug
Fight Night and Teknatons: https://youtu.be/vIHeLLWkY8M
Henrik is Fishing: https://youtu.be/HASz7EVDgpc
Fishing and Tribe Rats and More: https://youtu.be/JXBMiNhg2xw
Keep building and Housing and Hairwax: https://youtu.be/RKc1qOMcgoA
New Alien Creature Celaeno: https://youtu.be/TlkO973GeXI
Strongholds and Houses: https://youtu.be/iMyxZ5VLId8
Tribe Rats and Terror Birds: https://youtu.be/4sIjsBOgZVw
Urials and Mage Armor: https://youtu.be/zGR6AfTNxYk
Housing and Strongholds: https://youtu.be/mSnPVOcRj30
Character Customization and Face Recognition: https://youtu.be/-yt349dh98k
Tindrem Arena and Garden: https://youtu.be/Y-vkIQax0us
Crabs and Char Q&A: https://youtu.be/U8czDcnu028
Ships and Ai and pets: https://youtu.be/MTPbndexP1M
Q&A about Future Features: https://youtu.be/JPaCfNetjqU
Release Delayed Info: https://youtu.be/S79NUz1IUN8
Pre stress test Stream: https://youtu.be/dNGMnjsFzCM
Common Questions and Bug Attack: https://youtu.be/GZ0vGJE2GN8
Release and Stress Test Informations: https://youtu.be/xaNKQDF8aNc
New Weapon group and Henriks (CEO) Dog: https://youtu.be/KxVWuq0JIZY
Horse Armor and Pets and More and Q&A: https://youtu.be/XGTWhA-xFMY
Housing and Territory Control Q&A: https://youtu.be/xmIceE94nZw


Patch https://youtu.be/c_RQfUOYYvA
Patch https://youtu.be/aup3lvL9DdY
Patch https://youtu.be/J3LaaRlFaeU
Patch https://youtu.be/y_wrojxD5qo
Patch https://youtu.be/GOOFgZas0Pc
Patch https://youtu.be/rGgA0a88DFc
Patch https://youtu.be/OtNA-R7grlo
Patch https://youtu.be/KyfyGuvhYR8
Beta Patch https://youtu.be/96Jgs87Kdag
Beta Patch https://youtu.be/wER9arqswj8
Beta Patch https://youtu.be/qmY-hBGSltQ


Parry Through Bug Testing: https://youtube.com/shorts/-wusb7VbjH0
Red Priest Changes Discussion: https://youtu.be/9H6GlLMexfs
Direwolf fixed and Taxidermy soon?: https://youtu.be/Tnc3LvI7p98
Flying Rabbit Fun: https://youtube.com/shorts/0RDkczLsjpU
Ping Normalization (CEO Explains): https://youtu.be/7-1mGeFwCII
Instanced Server Solution: https://youtu.be/TTRlHkNINH0
Endless Server Queue: https://youtu.be/5GwOt2hd9_c
Release Day and Launch Week Experience: https://youtu.be/xOJMA3DY6vY
The Party was to Hard: https://youtu.be/AybXkgojMO4
Saying Goodbye to Mortal Online 1 Server shutdown: https://youtu.be/xpzUsRReqqA
House from Mortal Online 1: https://youtu.be/Uoz8VU3MmBA
Graphic benchmarks: https://youtu.be/_LKZHGWcOgo
Door and House Burglar Mechanics: https://youtu.be/WmCwu7gquxY
Quick Escape loot save mechanics: https://youtube.com/shorts/eAddIfhWGwc
To Sick for Content: https://youtu.be/gU3jIrVBe9k
PVE Server CEO explains: https://youtu.be/C6BzZQVba-E
Boss AI Greater Kimuru Henrik explains: https://youtu.be/sO9jqnd8IKc
Festival of Ragnarök Trailer: https://youtu.be/T715B7oozrc
Festival of Nave Teaser: https://youtu.be/SFKe3nLagKk
Ruins Points of Interests and Loot: https://youtu.be/XEg4YjG75T0
Mortal Offline Fishing Compare: https://youtu.be/CkeCyQHT3TE
GM got Hacked and DDOS Attacks: https://youtu.be/ZcpKEh7A8K8
Dupes are removed from the Server & Fake Infos: https://youtu.be/5MVfcuZGqLQ


Haven Graveyard Boss Challenge: https://youtu.be/klZ4OhCQIqE


Tindrem Sinkhole: https://youtu.be/smJoE0xgrwA
Travel to the end of the map experiment: https://youtu.be/LgW9EJIpNv0
Calx Node inside a House: https://youtu.be/ua4sgbqul4k


Magic Balance and Magic Types?: https://youtu.be/gzr84Wc2Pes
Walls Walls Walls? Do we need them?: https://youtu.be/GyU2DzUR_5k
What makes Mortal Online so unique:https://youtu.be/BIEzKIWKLAY
Never Patch on Weekends Friday or Saturday:https://youtu.be/_61ykm0LL3I
Criminal System Changes:https://youtu.be/d42ssPvIZTI
Safety in Cities:https://youtu.be/XuvD82AXBGY
Nightmare Rollback (people lost chars):https://youtu.be/BdUJdCTl38Y Outlaw System Changes:https://youtu.be/U0lR4p8K7uI

Mortal Online 1 Nostalgia lets Play

MO1 to MO2 Differences and Philosophy: https://youtu.be/B6yn-fMgzAE
Episode 4 Dragon Skeleton: https://youtu.be/o3bukGE65dg
Episode 3 Mino Dungeon Part 1: https://youtu.be/OV8PC0jHgH8
Episode 2 Travel to the Mino Dungeon: https://youtu.be/nEq0bFAxMCU
Episode 1 Preparing for the great adventure: https://youtu.be/5LAsfQ8BhDQ


Star Vault's and Henrik's Backstory:https://youtu.be/i8DVXuXUxLw
In Memory Of GM Ahmose:https://youtu.be/oR_B-GvR5-U
Krampus Boccus Event:https://youtu.be/r4nezYc5GJE
Story behind the Steintroll Sounds:https://youtu.be/vIFvHLSs-H8
Why Mortal will never have fast travel CEO explains:https://youtu.be/P2DzzV9cpCQ
Who is Star Vault People behind the Company:https://youtu.be/drCiXg0r-rQ
Big Server Shutdown over a Weekend Historical:https://youtu.be/bi0IbcbnIVk
Passion and Dedication and Long term plan of SV:https://youtu.be/T1cXWG9fCm8
FBI & Story Behind the Hacker attack:https://youtu.be/iqJfADh1Kb8
The story behind the WTF Henrik meme:https://youtu.be/0VZ4XtfO8iE
Animuc 2023 Mortal Online Motivation:https://youtu.be/9_YtWxiueTA

Mortal Online 2 Map: To the Map
Extraction Charts: To all charts

Mortal Exodus

Trailer Stream Summary: https://youtu.be/SwAZZ4JRNlw

Other Games and Other Stuff

Mortalis Back to the Roots Introduction: https://youtu.be/jgzPnv71i3U
Mortalis Back to the Roots Interview to Questions: https://youtu.be/ysAIOk0nXEA