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Guides Tutorials and lets plays all around Mortal Online 2. I really like MMO's and Hardcore games, they always give me the thrill to survive and the adrenaline I need. But I also like strategy games and simulation games. But only if they provide a solid challange.

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Take a look at my screenshot and gallery. There are nice pictures of the Mortal Online 2 World nave. I also use many of them for my guide and tutorial videos. If youre searching for high quality and beautiful desktop backgrounds than thats the place for you. And if you have any suggestion or ideas for screenshots than contact me.

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Take a look at my videos and playlists. There are guides all about Mortal Online 2. I have also a huge variety of lets plays about many popular games. But mainly its focused around Mortal Online 2 because this is just the best game I have every played. There are not many other games out there with this kind of unique crafting system and hardcore experience.

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